How To Unlock Iphone 3, 3gs, 4, 4s And 5 Locked To A Foreign Network


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IMPORTANT***Please make sure you know the network your iphone is locked to, if you are not sure or don’t know please use our iphone network finder or lock status tools, don’t apply under a wrong network if you can’t find your network please contact us***

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How To Unlock The New Blackberry Q10 And Z10 To Use On All Networks In Nigeria

BlackBerry-Q10-13 nn

Did you just get back to Nigeria after a trip abroad or a loved one sent you a phone and you discovered your precious phone can’t work with networks in Nigeria, Good news you can now unlock the new blackberry Q10 and Z10 and you will be able to used them across all networks in Nigeria

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Generating batch no most time might look difficult, while surfing the internet I was able to add trick to a style.

Code Sample: 

$connection = mysql_connect(“localhost”,”root”,””);
die(“database connection failed: “. mysql_error());

$db_select = mysql_select_db(“pin”,$connection);
die(“error selecting from d database”);
for ($index = 0; $index < 100; $index++) {
$rand1 = rand(1000000, 9999999); $rand2 = rand(1000000, 9999999);
$pin = $rand1.$rand2;

$check = mysql_query(“SELECT * FROM pin WHERE pin=’$pin’”);
}elseif (mysql_num_rows($check)==0) {
mysql_query(“INSERT INTO pin (pin) values ($pin)”);
$sn = mysql_query(“SELECT serial FROM pin WHERE pin=’$pin’”);
while ($row1 =mysql_fetch_array($sn)) {
$pinSerial = $row1[“serial”];
echo”pin: ” .$pin .” serials: “.$pinSerial.”\n”;



BlackBerry Messenger beta for Android and iOS now available

The hotly anticipated BlackBerry Messenger for Android and iOS that was officially announced by BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins, back at the company’s annual Live 2013 conference is a step closer to its official release as the app is now in its beta testing stages.


The cross-platform version of the upcoming instant messenger is available to a number of developers and beta users to test the app on their Android and iOS devices.

The BBM beta is available only with an invitation from the BlackBerry team. The beta version of the app currently requires Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and above operating system, while the iOS version runs on iOS 6 and higher.


Now, that the application is in its beta phase, it seems likely that BlackBerry Messenger for Android and iOS will meet its “this summer” release goal as set earlier.


BlackBerry PlayBook getting BlackBerry 10 update “in the next few weeks”?

We’ve heard that BlackBerry PlayBook users will get Blackbery 10 update at some point but somehow we expected that to happen closer to the end of the year. Now we have a new piece of information suggesting that PlayBook will get its BB10 treatment “in the next few weeks.”

The information comes from the official BlackBerry Mexico Twitter account, saying: “In the next few weeks will be available OS10 update w/ the PlayBook!”

Unfortunately, that tweet has since been deleted leaving us pondering when exactly PlayBook users will get their BB10 goodies.

We’ve no doubts the Canadian company is working on such project though as you can presume, it’s not just a matter of porting an existing platform to a bigger screen. There are a number of small changes and tweaks to ensure for an optimal user experience. We’ll get back to you as soon as we have something new to add to this…

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How To Repair A Blackberry That Is Stock On Boot Screen (2/3 of the boot screen)

During the week I had received a blackberry 9850 that got stock on boot screen and I was told it started after the owner tried to reload the OS, I thought it was an easy task knowing full well that the person that brought it to me wasn’t a novies when it comes to blackberry related problems, so as usual I fired up my BBSAK software and did a full wipe of the device OS then I reloaded the OS again and it still got stock on  2/3 of the boot screen, I tried again this time using JL_Cmder, I did a full device wipe and also performed a factory reset on it through JL_Cmder but the problem still persist, after much try and error I stumbled upon this software Blackberry Master Control Program(MCP) from crackberry forum and with this piece of software I was able to make the device boot fully, here is how I did it. Continue reading

How To Transfer Contacts From A Nokia S40 $ S60 Phone To A Nokia Lumia Phone

nokia lumia

Synchronizing contacts, calendar entries and messages between nokia phones previously wasn’t a big deal but with the introduction of the new lumia line of phones things got a little crafty. Recently I had a nokia X2 and a nokia lumia 920 sent to me and all I was supposed to do was to transfer contacts from the nokia X2 to the nokia lumia 920, and as usual I opened my nokia suite on my pc but discovered it no longer works that way, but finally I got it all sorted out, here is how I managed to do it. Continue reading