BlackBerry PlayBook getting BlackBerry 10 update “in the next few weeks”?

We’ve heard that BlackBerry PlayBook users will get Blackbery 10 update at some point but somehow we expected that to happen closer to the end of the year. Now we have a new piece of information suggesting that PlayBook will get its BB10 treatment “in the next few weeks.”

The information comes from the official BlackBerry Mexico Twitter account, saying: “In the next few weeks will be available OS10 update w/ the PlayBook!”

Unfortunately, that tweet has since been deleted leaving us pondering when exactly PlayBook users will get their BB10 goodies.

We’ve no doubts the Canadian company is working on such project though as you can presume, it’s not just a matter of porting an existing platform to a bigger screen. There are a number of small changes and tweaks to ensure for an optimal user experience. We’ll get back to you as soon as we have something new to add to this…

Via intomobile

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