How To Repair A Blackberry That Is Stock On Boot Screen (2/3 of the boot screen)

During the week I had received a blackberry 9850 that got stock on boot screen and I was told it started after the owner tried to reload the OS, I thought it was an easy task knowing full well that the person that brought it to me wasn’t a novies when it comes to blackberry related problems, so as usual I fired up my BBSAK software and did a full wipe of the device OS then I reloaded the OS again and it still got stock on  2/3 of the boot screen, I tried again this time using JL_Cmder, I did a full device wipe and also performed a factory reset on it through JL_Cmder but the problem still persist, after much try and error I stumbled upon this software Blackberry Master Control Program(MCP) from crackberry forum and with this piece of software I was able to make the device boot fully, here is how I did it.


  •  A pc with the latest version of blackberry desktop manager installed on it.
  • Blackberry Master Control Program (MCP), you can get it from here.
  • A USB cable and of course the device.

Reload the OS on the device that is if you did a full wipe previously else fire up Blackberry Master Control Program(MCP) and you will be presented with a welcome screen, at the left side of the program you will find a gear icon, it’s the second icon on the list there, click on it then look for Enable protected Controls, now type “BrickBerry” without the quote and the icon before the textbox should change now indicating you typed the right thing, if it doesn’t then make sure you typed it correctly. Once you are done with that lets move over to the next step, this time you have to be really fast else you will have to do it over and over again.

image002 image005 image008 image011

Click on the java loader icon, then look for the field that says factory reset, click on the checkbox close to the confirm button, now remove the battery from the blackberry device, then connect the blackberry to your pc without the battery, once connected put the battery back and watch out for when the device comes up and the pin is displayed, immediately click on the factory reset button and it should take a while and your device will be factory reset (if you are not fast enough and your missed that instance of your device startup you will have to do it again), and your device should boot up normally now.

NOTE- in most cases downloading another OS from another source normally solves this problem but if it doesn’t this tutorial is for you.

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