How To Transfer Contacts From A Nokia S40 $ S60 Phone To A Nokia Lumia Phone

nokia lumia

Synchronizing contacts, calendar entries and messages between nokia phones previously wasn’t a big deal but with the introduction of the new lumia line of phones things got a little crafty. Recently I had a nokia X2 and a nokia lumia 920 sent to me and all I was supposed to do was to transfer contacts from the nokia X2 to the nokia lumia 920, and as usual I opened my nokia suite on my pc but discovered it no longer works that way, but finally I got it all sorted out, here is how I managed to do it.


  • You will need the latest version of nokia suite.
  • A PC that is connected to the internet.
  • A USB Cable
  • A Microsoft Account, you can create one from here and finally the two phones where you are syncing from and syncing to.

Once you have the Nokia Suite started, connect the phone where you are synchronizing from to your pc using a USB Cable (in my case I connected the nokia X2) and after the normal drivers installation it gets detected by nokia suite, if it’s the first time you are connecting the phone to nokia suite you will be asked to setup your device with nokia suite, after you are done with that, at the top left side of nokia suite click on” Tools” and then select “Upload to Skydrive”, now you will be presented with a new page on the page click on “start” (at this point make sure your pc is connected to the internet) and a mini browser will pop up, where you will be asked to sign in to skydrive using your Microsoft account, create a Microsoft account here if don’t already have one.

After verification of your login detail you will be presented with a new page where you will select things you want to upload to skydrive, in my case I selected contacts and calendar, then click on start, it will take a little to uploading depending on the speed of your pc and your internet connection, if along the line something goes wrong maybe due to your internet connection or your USB Cable, start the process again and it will start from where it stopped. When you are finally convinced all your data have been uploaded, now is time to move over to our nokia lumia device, Unlock your phone to access the home screen, flick left from the home screen to access the app screen and scroll down to find the Settings app, it should have a gear icon next to it, find the “email + accounts” entry under Settings, tap on it, click on “add an account” to add a Microsoft account

After adding your Microsoft account it will take a while and all the contacts and calendar entries uploaded to skydrive will be synced to your nokia.

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